Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me

  • Friday night, I was finding it impossible to find the right accessory. So I was happy when I finally decided on a brown beaded necklace. Well, that necklace did not snap as I pulled it over my head/neck. I'm the type to find every single bead to throw away, right away. I would not have left it there...until Monday? Not me!

  • Dinner...I did not gladly take advantage of the food options given to me on my nephews birthday. No, I was not just as happy as the new 5 year old, to eat greasy pizza with extra greasy cheese and drink soda after soda after soda. No not me. Oh, and when the Transformer theme cake came out, the level of my excitement was not equal with the 5 year olds. Not me. Why would I be excited for a piece of good ol' chocolate cake with frosting sweeter than sugar? I wouldn't be. Not me.

  • I was not a sports junkie with my boyfriend this weekend. NLCS, ALCS, NFL & College Football...HDTV...But studying, laundry, and a list of other things needed to be done so you know I was not laying on the couch beside J all weekend watching some real good games. Not me.

  • The mail lady did not laugh at how thrilled I was to receive a package. The boots. I did not act like it was Christmas morning and she had just given me the best present ever. Not me.

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