Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simply The Best

I had a semi rough morning and the boyfriend knew it. He sent me a text during the day saying he knows how much I love surprises and he has one for me. Remember those beads I never got around to picking up? Well that is still the case. Or was the case. I came home from work to the best boyfriend in the world and a freshly vacuumed bedroom. "I even picked up all those beads babe". Awww. And, you know what was laying on a very neatly made bedspread? The new issue of Cosmopolitan. I love surprises. I love having such a great boyfriend...He's so thoughtful, he didn't have to get the mag, I would have been happy with just a clean bedroom ha! I'm not complaining though, new reading material! Wonderful Wednesday! Also today, I was there when J found out about this and I heard him say to himself in a very sweet and soft voice, "too bad I don't have a gorilla suit". Awww dear, we have a variety of things on hand, but a gorilla suit is indeed not one of them.

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