Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pixie Sticks, Butterfingers, And A Tootsie ROLL!

2009 marks the first year I haven't had a costume! I love love loved dressing up with J the past years, and all my high school Halloweens were so fun! I have to say though, I do miss being young enough to wear my green M&M costume and run from house to house hoping for Butterfingers. But today was fun. My nephew really enjoyed himself, and I enjoyed eating the candy he collected, that I know his mother wouldn't want him to have anways... So...My costume-less Halloween was fun! J took me to lunch and we watched a little football...Then I just got ready for the few trick or treaters that we had and made a yummy dinner, and desert (which actually deserves its own post :) Happy Halloween!

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