Friday, October 16, 2009

Here's My Review

    ... on some of the stuff I bought last week...
  • I usually pick the Hydralicious conditioner with the purple label, but I opted for the pink labeled one this time, just switching it up. Bad choice. It didn't leave my hair nearly as soft as I know the purple one does.

However, I like the Aussie shampoo I decided to try.

  • That's what I get for picking a face scrub based on color only. What a waste, it smells gross and doesn't do anything for my face. Pretty though? Yes.

  • I found a gel in spray form that I like. Other stuff I've tried left my hair too "hard/crunchy" on days when I wanted to wear curls, but I was happy with what I got, it smells good and isn't sticky at all.

  • If you just smell this body wash, you'll understand why I love it. If you buy it, after you use it, you'll understand why I buy them two at a time. Ha! It smells sooo good and leaves skin so soft!

I bought the cutest flannel, plaid shirt from Target the other day. It looked like that one but in black and white. Anyway, I browsed the dress section and I was kind of in shock. I go to Target to buy dresses that aren't 80$, so I was surprised when I read the price tag. One of the blogs I like to read mentioned Target prices too so I know I'm not the only one that's wondering where the deals went!

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