Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not have an all out mother daughter day. Shopping, lunch, Saturday night church, the bookstore, smoothies. No no, none of that, not me! And if I did spend the day with my mother, I most certainly wouldn't have worn the boots! Not me!

I'm never behind on laundry, so you know it was not me who went to bed without her favorite pillows. I was not picturing them at the bottom of the laundry basket in the garage as I layed my head on some other pillow that was not mine. Not me! Not me complaining as I pulled the covers over me, pillow-less and tried to fall asleep. (Key word tried- my pillows really do make a difference!)

Today is not October 26th, because if it were, I would have already been to the pumpkin patch. The month is almost over and no pumpkins? Not me!

Sooo...head on to MckMama's and do read/join in the Not Me! Monday fun!

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