Friday, January 22, 2010

Fat Fat WaterRat

Fat Fat WaterRat!
Don't know where my Mom came up with that but I always found it hilarious and it used to make my nephew crack up when he was a baby
Fat Fat WaterRat!
Is actually me. Haha! But really. BF got me a pair of Hudson jeans for my birthday (it was after Christmas) that I absolutely love love love love love. Don't get me started on designer jeans it will be a long post ha! Anyways. Over winter break I was Suzy Homemaker and tried out some recipes. Good idea. Actually bad idea if I want to keep fitting in those jeans! Over at Sweet Simplicity I found a recipe for Cinnamon Honey Butter and man it was soooo good. The bad thing though, well duh it is butter so that's not good but even worse you have to find something to put it on! Bring on the carbs! French bread, raisin toast. Oh my...And then I just stumbled upon these bad boys at Mrs. Southern Bride. Delicious, definitely will remember that recipe! Mrs. Southern Belle was kind enough to post a Mac&Cheese recipe and I know my boyfriend thanks her, he was so happy with dinner that night ha! But this dish right here, courtesy of "whatever" is my favorite thing to make as well as one of our favorite things to eat. A super soft leopard print blanket was one of my favorite gifts out of all the ones given to me by the BF. I thank my man for buying me this because if I keep finding yummy recipes to try I will no longer be able to squeeze into my jeans and I'll have only a blanket of leopard to wear ha!
*Frequent Posting Alert* I am just happy to have a working internet connection and a laptop to use!

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