Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Anyone watch Food Networks Worst Cooks In America? I've tuned in a couple times and it really makes me feel like a superb chef. Like my boxed cake with semi homemade frosting would come out on top in any throwdown. Mmmhmm! Seeing these people cook makes me feel like like I should be on Top Chef hahaha.

I posted a few days back typing a word in purple and yellow, LSU school colors. I applied. Then I sat there and thought about the place I've never been. Figured it might be nice to know at least something about a state where I'm considering attending school. I keep up with The Wilson's blog (and if you like seeing pictures of adorable babies you might want to check them out) and I was excited to see a post where followers could ask questions or just come out and say hi. My combination of being nosy and a love for meeting new people ha! Of course I had a question. I just wanted to know some of Mrs. Wilson's thoughts on Louisiana. She was so kind enough as to reply with this...

I am originally from St. Louis. I moved to Louisiana a little over 5 years ago. I didn't intend on moving here, but am sure glad I did. The culture is more than I can describe in words. There is always a festival to go to and a new restaurant to try. I think I gained 10lbs. when I moved here. From drive-thru daiquiris to LSU football, there's always a good time to be had by all! Everyone is so nice and I couldn't imagine raising a family anywhere else. Geaux Tigers and WHO DAT!

Ok so I loved her answer! It was full of only kind things about the state she resides in. Although I'd be moving there to go to school, not to raise a family, knowing that its a good place to raise a family lets me know that its obviously a nice place to be, so my decision to apply there sets well with me. But what about all that yummy food!? I'm not sure if that is a curse or a blessing for me. Blessing because I love eating good food even more than I love cooking ha but curse because if you read my past posts, I'm trying to stay away from the Fat Fat WaterRat look because I have jeans that I like wearing. But it was so nice of her to reply and so nice to hear about what seems like an awesome place.

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