Thursday, January 21, 2010

For Sure

I graduate this spring. Then what. Not sure. Not sure at all. Very sure about not transferring to a local university. Pretty sure about transferring somewhere out of state. But not sure at all where. Not sure at all which new place I want to spend the next couple years of my life. Definitely not sure how I'll afford everything, where I'll work...Not sure I'll make new friends. Not sure I'll like the weather. Isn't that a lot to be unsure of? I'm sure it is! Ha Ha. But seriously, how do you decide on something your not so sure of? I have to like the town, I have to like the school. But I have been completely pushing all contemplations/thoughts out because its just all so overwhelming. Of course this is bad because no thinking/deciding is going on. I go about my day acting as if in a few months I'm just going to get accepted into my college of choice and magically end up somewhere I love. Its still what I'm hoping for, but I know I need to get my rear into gear, get out the map again, pick a place and go to school ha!

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