Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I love to sleep. No, like I really love to sleep. Its been this way forever. Oversleeping in the morning and being late for class has always been a problem. I was late to kindergarten. Sleeping in on a weekend is something that bring a true smile to my face. Are you laughing?! BF says I'm the hardest person to wake up. Not that he goes around trying to wake up people lol...Sleeping is just easy for me, waking up is not. If I don't have to, I'm not getting up. I kind of have it made when it comes to my work and school schedule. I don't really have to be anywhere until noon throughout the week. Its pretty luscious! Yes I suffer through night class but I love my late starts. I don't have obligations or any early morning tasks to tend to, I can sleep in without worry-I don't have any kids to feed or clean up after.... Sure I do have my moments of baby fever, but the time will come for me to serve bottles and have sleepless nights and early mornings. That said, that time is definitely not now. No kids, no "have to's" equals a princess with lots and lots of beauty sleep :)

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