Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some Things

Update. It was sad when they showed Brett Favre's wife in the stands and then cut to a shot of him on the sidelines, looking like somebody stole Christmas from him. Well they actually stole the Superbowl which probably actually IS Christmas for NFL players. But I got a backrub out of it! And Hey! If you like the Lifetime Channel, I would recommend watching The Pregnancy Pact. I watched it last night and it replays tonight, its pretty good! Goodnight!
One of my least favorite ways to wake up, very early on a Sunday morning with the feeling of sickness in the back of my throat. I don't have the worlds strongest immune system and I can totally feel when I have a sickness coming on and I felt it, I woke up feeling like it hurts to swallow, and my nose stuffy. I feel like crap and I've been lazy all day, watching both football games with my boyfriend. I think I'll take a bath at halftime though maybe that will make me feel better. And I think the Saints better win because BF is going for the Vikings and we have a back rub bet on the game that I have to have! Speaking of Saints who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Khloe is so funny when she calls Kim & Reggie "the Bush and the Tush"! Anyways! Its so hard for me to decide what to eat when I'm sick. Nothing sounds good. However, I am absolutely positively sure that I could eat Subway and Jamba Juice every single day, including sick days. Which is why I would not mind an unlimited/a high amount gift card to these places! Nothing sounds better. I wonder how many smoothies with immunity boosts I'd be drinking on a 1000$ gift card?! Oh and after the game is over, I have Titanic saved on DVR so I'm just counting down til I can sucker him in with the "since all the footballs done wanna watch Titanic now?" Titanic is my favorite movie of all time and even though I ask every year no one has every got it for me for Christmas, so I continue to search for it on the TV Guide and fill up 4 hours of our DVR space when I find it! Well hope it was a nice Sunday for all! I'll be here fighting off a sore throat and dreaming of a million dollar Subway gift card ;)


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

After seeing your pic ... it made me just think of the flatbread I just tried from Jamba Juice and sooooo surprised how yummy it was!!

EL said...

Kelsey...Every time I go in to get a smoothie I debate about trying their food because it looks like it should be yummy, so thanks for confirming that maybe I'll try something next time!