Friday, January 22, 2010

Here's My Review

*Here's My Review, means just that; here's my review. A couple words about the last beauty products I invested in, or want to pick up.
No endorsements here! Everything is tried by my choice.*
Like this shampoo. Storytime. I have been with my boyfriend for over 2 1/2 years now and in this time I have never ever seen a flake of dandruff on his head, so I was super shocked when I found some. Time to pick a new shampoo, I guess the Aussie one wasn't cutting it? I kind of felt the same, it left my hair really really soft, but not really clean feeling if that makes any sense. So I decided on this one because it smelled so very nice and it said clean right there on the bottle, I hoped it would be what I was looking for. It was. No dandruff for the man. Left hair feeling clean and smelling good. I'll be buying this again.
Ok so I swear by Secret Clinical Strength deodorant, its my number one top pick deodorant of choice. But when I saw this I had to try it for two reasons, 1 could it be any more pink and 2 its advertising something wonderful. So I didn't use it very frequently, like I said, Secret is my daily pick. But whenever I did put it on, it was really nice, it smells really good and just as advertised, left my underarms feeling pretty soft. I don't know about less stubble, but yes they felt soft. Softsoap NutriSerums I know I have reviewed before but let me just tell you it turned into a favorite! I got hooked on the smell and how it truly honestly leaves your skin so very soft. One time I had just showered and was still in my towel and my boyfriend goes, "Wow babe your skin is like glistening." So surprised at the mans choice of words, I wasnt even aware he knew what glistening meant ha but even more surprised by the fact that if this was indeed true, I had found a new favorite body wash, one that leaves skin glistening =)
I forget what magazine I saw this perfume advertised in but I made a mental note to try it next time in a department store. I did, and I love it. Its not too much of a heavy flower scent, but its strong enough where someone will notice how absolutely amazing it smells.

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