Sunday, November 1, 2009


As in Victoria's Secret? Yeah, I have an underwear problem...the problem being there are too many pairs of cute underwear out there and I do not work enough jobs to buy them all. Its OK. I take extra long walking by any departments underwear monthly VS catalog (good mail) is always something I'm happy to see, but I was even more excited for the bigger & better first volume of the Christmas catalogue! It came the other day and I got through 39 of 179 lovely pages before putting the catalogue down to process everything I just put on my mental wish list. The bras are cute and everything, but I have my old faithful push ups so I'm kind of more team underwear than team bra. Type of underwear? Not too picky. Hiphuggers, boyshorts, thongs, lace, cotton...Lace is one of my favorites. I don't know if everyone is aware Christmas is in less than 60 days? It has me thinking, what would be cuter, the clothes worn for Christmas or whats underneath? And I think bows are just so cute! Especially this and these. I really hope somebody thinks I was good this year, because I would be absolutely thrilled to receive either as Christmas presents ha! OK so these... Really. Saved the best for last. If its the only link you click from this post . These these these right here. Make sure you get the alternate view you know front and back. Well that's it. Now all I need is $1000 gift card to the lovely store.

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