Friday, June 25, 2010

Wipeout Sucks & Is Stupid. Love Always.

Why I wont be watching Wipeout:

Boyfriend and I loved that show. Every week we would tune in so he could embarrass me laugh so loud I'm sure the neighbor's could hear, also making me question if I should learn like CPR or something because I would seriously think he was going to die choking, he would be laughing so hard. Oh boys and how they think hurt=funny.
I got sick and tired of every week hearing him tell me how he would do so great on the show. He would go in to specific detail about what the contestants were doing wrong, and what he would do differently if he were on the show, what he would do and how he would of course win it all.

He peed his pants when I told him I was online signing him up to enter.
Not really.
I signed myself up while I was at it cause really if anyone deserves to be on TV its me.

So were at Disneyland one day right.
A casual day.
Were waiting in line.
I'm checking my voicemail.
Done checking my voicemail.
I tell BF,
Wipeout called, they want ya!
Then he pees his pants.
Not really though ;)
But soooo excited he was and guess what they told him when he called them back.
"We're also having a Couples Edition Wipeout and would it be possible if we could get your beautiful golden goddess girlfriend on the show too!
Yep. Something just like that.
We were so excited to go "audition".
It was hot that day. And it took a lot of gas to get there.
What if we made it?!
For $100,000, I would totally be willing to damage my body on an obstacle course while making a fool out of myself on national TV. Because if you didn't know, we would obviously win. BF had it all planned out remember? He knew what he would do? (I'm sure that's what all the guys that didn't come in 1st place thought before they went on the show ha)
So what if.
What if there were like 6 other couples and a couple of solo's auditioning too. If you've seen the show, you know how odd some contestants are. We shared the room with a cowboy, an older couple in tae kwan do uniforms, and a man with his face painted like the big red balls that are in one part of the show.
We waited and waited and it was finally our turn.
We stood in a small room while they filmed us answering their lame questions.
Then they moved us to what what! a second room that was supposedly very special and" not everyone gets thru" so keep it on the DL. Basically, that means your going on the show right?!

They had us fill out a book of papers for nothing. Seriously. Signing your life away, agreeing to never mention the audition process or them having contact with you. (ha) Whole lotta signing my name for nothing.
Maybe they would have picked us if we had dressed all crazy like. Maybe they thought BF wasn't TV ready.Who knows who cares.
But when the commercial for it comes on the other day, BF says, babe are we gonna watch it?!
I replied with a grumpy I don't knowwww their kinda stupid we should boycott. He laughed. Well I guess I can still be a sore loser and still watch but just wish it was me. Stupid Wipeout though! But yea we'll still watch.
Wrong again.
The show premiered this week. I think Wednesday maybe. BF had it saved and ready on the DVR. I unwillingly agreed and he did too saying we could "just see". Ummm lets "just see", 3 seconds of seeing a man on my TV and the words Wipeout was enough to make me whine and cry wahhhhh and say "no lets watch something else."
I just couldn't do it. (and I feel bad because that was his favorite show) But I couldn't bear to sit and watch a show that I didn't get the chance to be on. I mean I(we) had the chance, but they didn't pick me(us), that's the problem here! I cant believe I really don't want to watch it, isn't that so bratty? I'm kind of ashamed. Ha! I didn't think it was that big of a deal, not being picked, I mean I know it wasn't that big of a deal, the audition was over a year ago and that's really the last and only time I was sad about it. But sitting and watching the show just doesn't do it for me anymore.
Hi my name is Sore Loser and I don't care. My boyfriends name is Great, I never saw the "W" word on DVR again.

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SurferWife said...

AWWWWW. This makes me so sad!! So what did they tell you? Come fill out all this shit and oh, by the way you're not getting on? Lame.

I love that show. But I would have loved it so much more if you were on it.

Isn't it filmed in Valencia?