Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Perfect Cake

He loved "The Office" inspired sign, he was cracking up, but more than that, he loved the cake. I cut him a huge piece and it was gone in like that. I was pleased with it too. I think I could say it was one of my best baking's ha! I couldn't go all out on gifts for him this year so I wanted the cake to be as close to perfect as possible. So not bad for using two different sized pans. Marble cake with my favorite frosting that I use on most of my cakes...

Super Yummy Super Easy Frosting
1 sm. box chocolate/vanilla/whatever flavor instant pudding
1- 3/4 cup milk
cool whip

Those are the ingredients and since the recipe is in my head, just go with whatever looks good for yourself! I wanted a thicker consistency for the middle filling, so I think I only added about a cup of milk or so, then mixed in enough cool whip to my liking. With the vanilla pudding, I added more than 1 cup of milk and lots of cool whip, because it needed to frost the whole cake. I love this frosting, well that's what I call it because that's what I use it for mostly, but honestly its good for anything sweet, its yummy even by itself, it tastes like mousse you know? And really any flavor pudding, I like chocolate for cakes, vanilla is good with berries! You wont be sorry you tried it =)

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