Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dont Sweat The Small Stuff

Going for an interview for a second job, before I have to be at my first.
Nothing big time so I was dressed casual.
Grey V neck shirt, cap sleeves.
Sitting there in the interview.


Really Nervous.

Sweating. Really sweating.

How sweaty?

I notice pit stains on my shirt.
How great.

They look like they have the potential to spread both ways; towards my back and towards my boobs.

Don't you love underarm sweat?

Sweat stains on my shirt the size of an apple.

Glad interview is wrapping up.

Have to shake hands carefully,

Cant lift arm too much to expose sweat!

Extend wrist and hand, but keep elbow tucked in and down, coving the 6 inch sweat stains.

I cant help it I'm nervous!

Nice to meet you goodbye.

Run to the car where BF is awaiting.

Tell him it went good.

On route back to daily job.

Realize I need new not sweaty shirt.

I make BF strip.

I figure even his West Virgina Football shirt that is kneelength on me would be better than my grey Vneck that now has sweat stains the size of small cantaloupes.

How sexy did I look in my man shirt dress and skinny jeans?

Probably not as sexy as BF looked driving home shirtless ha.

I would have loved to see how many people on the road gave him odd looks, all those kids and grandmas seeing a "naked" man driving! Ha. The shirt off his back, I got =) I'm telling you he loves me alot! Or he was just really embarrassed for me like damn that girl is sweaty she needs this shirt! Either way, he's sweet, I'm sweaty, and this story is gross and makes me laugh alot.

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Jess said...

hahaha tahts too funny but good job on the quick thinking