Monday, April 5, 2010

Big Hard Sun

We're no longer Santa Monica Pier first timers. Remember last week I went?It wasn't that hot. But that never stops people from getting in the water. There was a little wind, blue skys with clouds and high in the 60s. The Pier wasn't too crowded but I see how it could be so packed in the summer on a hot day. That beach is huge. We took our time walking. Reading signs. Looking at all the little vendor tables and souvenir shops. Noticing the weirdos. We were almost to the end of the pier when my camera died. When I'm somewhere special and even when I'm not, camera is a must. Battery exhausted is like a knife in my heart. I could have let it ruin the whole day(I wanted 100 cute pictures of me and BF, did you not see my skirt?! and 200 pictures of everything random to post and show you guys!) but we were having so much fun I didn't even think about it much. Tried not to. Bumper cars. They had every color. 10 year old me would have wanted to be in the pink or purple one and she'd race to get to it first but if somebody got to it before her, she would say ugh and then go back to wait until the next set so she could get first color pick and ride in the pink one. 21 year old now settles for the next best, maybe a green, silver or blue. But occasionally I totally have my Princess Moments and my boyfriend who loves me waits patiently for the next ride to start, so that Princess can ride in the pink teacup or sit in the very very front of the ride.Icees are magic drinks and I love them. Do you? Red and blue are the usual for me. There were only two things on the pier that made me stop in my tracks and gasp loudly; a man spray painted silver doing the robot, and this, an Icee stand with a million kajillion flavors. I wanted to buy 5 and try them all sooo bad. Being on a tight budget makes it a little easier to pick up your feet and walk away, easier, to not buy one, still sad lol. There were rides. The Ferris wheel was huge. They had games. Big bright fluffy stuffed animals as prizes. And food. And ice cream. Everything smelled yummy but not that yummy for what they were charging so we definitely didn't eat on the pier. We were such tourists. Both native to So Cal, but we were oohing and aahing like we had never even heard of such a thing as a pier. "This is so fun!" I don't want to ask BF if he got tired of me saying that once every 30 steps.It was one of those best days ever. Nothing was perfect but it felt like everything was. We were so excited to be somewhere for the first time. That time spent just the two of us, having no worries, being nothing but happy, was so nice and exactly what we needed. It couldn't have been better.


Trish said...

Sorry about your camera, but regardless, it sounds like the most amazing day for you and your BF! How fun, relaxing, romantic..and YUMM ICEES!!! I love the blue ones! Glad you got to play tourist in your own city. We lived about 30 min from NYC for about a year and I regret not spending more time in the city exploring, etc. GO GIRL! XOXOX

Kmama said...

I hate when my camera battery dies!!

It sounds like you guys had a really fun time!

Tiffany said...

how fun. i hate when my camera battery dies s well! i wish lived somewhere close to a beach!