Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How To Say I Love You

In her words "Its a fun and often hilarious way to show off the comment love received on the previous weeks posts"! So you know you copy and paste a bunch of comments and then read them all continuously and bam theres your comment love letter ha! This sounded like way too much fun to pass up so I had to join in and here's my "letter"!
Kerri’s Clutter

Dear El,

Hello! My Jello Eggs broke every year before this one. The secret? Lots of cooking spray in the molds! One of my favorite places on earth, great song and you do not have chubby legs! but they look great, that's important too! Oh, EL, you are too cute and bring so much happiness to the blog world :) I used to LOVE making Jello eggs as a kid, fun times! Agree with The Popes above, lots of cooking spray helps keep the eggs in tact! Happy Easter lovey! Those heels = F A B U L O U S!! Too funny. AS long as you love your swamp dresser what does it matter, right? Totally got me! I was like what? How does she not like headbands and sparkly things?? I don't know if I like this girl.. lol JK (more because I'm wearing a headband as we speak) You got me..Never in my life even heard of a Jello egg. Sounds ummm, squishy. I bet you could impress a lot of guys with that baseball statistician gig, you know, if you wanted to! being a baseball statistician must have been AWESOME! I'm so jealous! Oh I dont even know what that job is but it sounds fun! I've never had a Jello egg either...I'm still confused by what the heck it is? Egg or Jello? Or cake? Either way, I like eggs, jello, and cake! ;)Yikes!! Those cat claws can be deadly! lol bathing the cat in the sink is never good...Also what a fun job I love some Baseball. Great pics! That is one of my favorite songs of all time! I love Incubus! Also, I have an award for ya on my blog when you get a sec! Hope you have a great Easter! ( : Oh dear, I must put up both hands. I'm bad. Love the Jello eggs! holy hell woman, your on blogging fire~! I wear mismatched socks to work, the kids think i'm a total re-re but I think its fun. I would ahve so had an ice cream wedding cake if Momma Dukes wouldda allowed it...superbad rocks and I didnt mind getting my teeth pulled either. Phew.. I'm done now lol
{each and every comment I truly adore and appreciate. Not that I'm a comment whore (ok I am) but how nice is it to read what somebody thinks about the post you took the time to create? Without each and everyone of you, my days would be a little sadder seeing no comments on my blog haha and of course this letter wouldn't be possible either so thank you! And if you want you guys should join in the fun @ Kerri's Klutter!}


Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Ok, that was awesome. Especially since it was centered around a bunch of weird ass jello eggs.

Still don't know what they are and they still sound squishy!

EL said...

thnx :) & one day YOU WILL hold in your hands, the weirdness and goodness of a jello egg. even if i personally have to hitchhike to get it to you hahaha.

Kerri said...

That was EGG-TASTIC!!

Thanks so much for linking up...;o)

Erin said...

What a funny idea! I'll have to do this in the next few days. I haven't written anything of importance lately, so I'll have to look through to see if I've got some quality comments. I love responding to them individually if I have time.

WestSacHoney said...

This is such a great idea! I love it. Especially because it's very true. I love comments especially when everything you've written about is commented on. Oh an P.S. I totally saw a jello egg mold at GW the other day and I was like hmm.. should I buy this? No.. I had my eggs break like that before too.

EL said...

erin i love responding individually too i just dont know the best way to do it sometimes..via my blog or the other persons ya know!

jenn you totally should have gotten the mold! cooking spray=no broken jello eggs, swear! (kinda lol)

i loved this post it was so funny to read all your guys' comments all together!

MODG said...

you're on modg today!

Trish said...

EL - where the heck are you love, I am missing you like crazy and suffering from EL withdrawal! Hope you are ok little miss! XOXO

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

OK, now I have to go back and read the post about Jello Eggs (how did I miss that)? I am intrigued, they make me think of Jello shots!!


Beth McC. said...

What a great post! Love it!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my TV post! I hope the BF got to watch the Deadliest Catch, it was great!!