Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

or if you don't...Happy Sunday =)

♥I searched at Target and the craft store, no luck for Jello egg molds. Some lady at Target told me try a grocery store. So I did, and I found one. But it wasnt an egg mold, it was an egg, a chick, a bunny and an Easter basket mold (pictured). Thought it was definitely better than nothing. After all that, my Mom tells me, found our Jello egg mold if I "want" to use it. Ummm want? More like need. More like I spent all day searching for one, and you happen to have two?! Love it. Then, when I'm finished making them, I realize I made them wrong. I used a 6oz box instead of a 40z. Whats that mean? My Jello eggs are going to be saweeeeeeeeet. Like really sweet. Pure sugar much? I used about half the amount of water I was supposed to because I was reading the directions for the smaller box. Syrupy jello eggs? You know their going to be all thick and ugh I hope they come out somewhat ok. But I secretly think that's not happening lol!

♥I took two showers today. Whaaat. One this morning one before I went to bed.

♥Easter dress I cant wait to wear.

♥Looking forward to returning to school for one reason; I plan on checking out The Last Song from the library. If I could I would totally fork up the cash to go see Miley on the big screen. If I had 20 extra bucks to spend on a novel I would. But its kind of new isn't it I doubt my library has it. Scratch that.

♥I love work days that fly by. Today did.

♥I have been living in my sunglasses. The suns out. Or its kind of out. Its not thaaat bright. But as long as I can feel a couple rays, the shades are on and I'm channeling Kim K. *lip pout*

♥BF's watching a show right now I just looked up at the TV and caught this convo:
Kid selling cookies to 2 homeless men: Would you like to buy some cookies?
Homeless man: Can those cookies get me drunk?
I laughed.

♥I cant wait to hopefully conquer this recipe for our Easter dessert. Masterpiece or piece of....I'll let you know! k Well hope your day brings you smiles!♥


ty said...

I'm very jealous of your Jello molds. VERY.

alanna said...

SICK jello molds, so jealous that you got a cute easter dress, and i too love me some kim k!!!
happy easter girl!

EL said...

dont be jealous ;) you know those pictures are off of google right, mine dont look nearly that perfect and i have pictures to prove it haha!