Saturday, April 24, 2010

In My House: Funny Things

I got out, then boyfriend hopped in the shower. First thing he does is complain and adjust the water temperature.
Oh my god its sooo hot!
No its not! (purple is me)
Yes it is I don't see how your skin isn't melted off! (this if bf)
That's like, impossible.
Your impossible,
Impossibly sexy!
(in my head thinking: omg that is the lamest thing i've ever heard! so dumb its funny! actually really funny! wow so lame!)

I dry off, laugh, roll my eyes and think how weird he is for not liking his water temp hot like a sauna. Then laugh some more because he really said impossibly sexy.

Moving on to the grossest thing ever. I had just gotten home from work, my dog was ell excited to see me, he rolled on his back, you know so his stomach and paws are up in the air. I reach down to pet him and the next thing I know, my forearm and palm is covered in pee! Dog pee. Sick! WTF! Theres pee on my hand! I couldn't get to the sink fast enough. He was suuper excited to see me, obvi! But it was really gross did I say that already? One day sure I might get peed on, maybe as a Mom to a little boy you know. But that is one day! Not now! So this was unnecessary! Uncalled for! SOOOO GROSS!!

I shorthand alot of my speech, you know, actually pronouncing OMG like 0-m-g. Thats what the cool people do right? Right. Someone needs to tell bf:
Wow they are losing bad. (talking bout some basketball game)
I know babe WTF. (my wonderful response to the score I don't care about )
He gave me a puzzled look for a second and I knew right away why.
I was like, "did you just have to think what that meant right now?"
And he was all, "haha yea kinda I was thinking what the f is she talking about, oh yea, wtf!"
It was funny, maybe you had to have been there! But since you werent, hence the post ha!
P.s. I typed in "pee" on Google Images, thinking I might find a picture to go with the post. Wrong. Bad idea. I'm grossed out now.


Adrienne said...

I am laughing so hard at the dog pee story ...Thank goodness our lab finally out grew the excitement peeing because "gross" is right

Kerri said...

Hahaha...that dog sure was excited. But nothing tops "impossibly sexy".

Sounds like you're having fun....;o)

Trish said...

WOOO HOOO what's up little Miss Impossibly Sexy!! :) Your BF sounds like a sweetheart.
BTW Matt and I totally have different water temps - he's like you, super hot and me, well, I'm a sissy. :) Hope you two love birds are having fun! XOXO Mwah!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Mental noting to never type pee into Google. Thanks for that.

Your bf sounds like my hubby. He has me rolling daily from the stupid shit he says.

Erin said...

My husband makes fun of me for abbreviating my words IRL too! I love when you post yall's conversations, too funny!

Brown Girl said...

My boss and I talk about the water temp all the time because his wife and I both love the water scalding hot, wait a that a weird convo to have with your boss?? LOL ;)

EL said...

Kerri my guy has said some pretty ridiculous things but I think "impossibly sexy" takes the cake =)

Trish what do you think, new blog name: Little Miss Impossibly Sexy? ha! Funny about the water temps, everybodys different! ♥ Hope you had a good Sunday!

Monique, you are so SO welcome, so how bout that giveaway of yours...hahah jk! I'm actually so greatful for all the stupid shit my bf says, I always need a good laugh. But what about when the stupid shit isnt funny, thats when the partys over lol.

Erin- aww i'm glad you like what I'm postin :)and glad im not the only one who abbreviates IRL heehe!

blueviolet said...

Ewwwww! Somehow pee from your baby is easier to overlook than pee from your dog!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

HAH, do you think that face is real!??! I love it and sorry about the pee! :(

Tiffany said...

haha sounds just like my fiance! (and my dog)