Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Tell me what you think of that song if you've heard it.
Tell me you like my random picture for this post ;)

Forget why and what we were talking about but My mom says:
I think your sister does 100 sit ups a day.
I say: Britney Spears did like a 1000 a day when she was on it.
(love her but my sister has nothing on Britney lol)

Today's a big day for any football fan in your life. 1st round of the NFL draft. 1st as in yes there is more than one day of it, three to be exact. Clausen, Bradford, QB Top Picks, where is Tebow gonna go? I can tell you all about it, I know too much. I've told you my boyfriend likes to pretend ESPN is the only channel our TV gets right?

Speaking of TV. I have been totally into it. I make a good couch potato. But in my defense DVR is the only thing I have the time and energy for after I get home late from night class. 24 and Gossip Girl, not gonna lie, these shows had scenes where my eyes got a little full. Criminal Minds (don't know if any of you watch that show) was so sad I couldn't even finish my perfectly good burrito. I just wasn't hungry.

I guess that's all I've got. All I can manage to pull out of my brain. Lame. Hey I'll take questions or comments? Haha. Something to get the "blogging juices" flowing. Blogging juice sounds kind of gross lol but hopefully you know what I mean ;) Anything new with you guys?! Surprised (and glad!) May is almost/already here!?

Have a good one ♥

Oh hey one thing! Really really cute wine glasses for one winner! (that could hopefully maybe be me?!)I'm entering a giveaway over @ the Newlyweds blog.


Trish said...

You're so funny EL! I missed you this week!

Blogging juice HEH. Let me see if I can help:


1) What is your favorite ice cream?
2) If you could get married anywhere in the world where would it be?
3) If you were given $5000 to spend what would you purchase (Chanel bag maybe?)
4) What is your favorite holiday and why?
5) What is your favorite scent of candle?

Need me to ask more questions? Happy to help the cause!

MWAH! Have a great weekend! XOXO

EL said...

Of course I could count on Trish to help me out! Thank you, those are good ones I cant wait to answer haha! YOU have a great weekend too! ♥