Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prison Food

Sometimes I just feel like being in the kitchen. I have top chef super master pro semi decent cooking skills, so it isn't really a chore for me...and I truly think I could bake for a living, cupcakes anyone? And as long as I have someone to help me clean I'm good to go ha. Friday night I made yummy enchiladas, that means happy BF! Oh and I always make red (you know, red sauce) but I wanted to try green. I definitely will be buying another can of that, they were so good!

Storytime. Friday night before cooking, while we were unloading groceries, I'm all, hmm I have a sweet tooth. BF said me too, so I told him I'd make us something to have for dessert. And then he went on to say something like this because I don't exactly remember each word "okay but you have to make something your gonna let me eat, something good that you like to make", something like that plus a few other comments about how I "always
do that." This is what he was talking about. Call me super wasteful but I am really okay with going stove top to trashcan, (spellcheck says its one word but its looks funny huh) scraping a pan into the trash and pretending I never tried that recipe. If I wouldn't eat it, I'm not setting it out for my boyfriend to eat. He always trys to talk me into keeping the burnt cookies and bread and sometimes I will if their not too extra extra crispy/charred but I just have a thing with serving something that I don't love. And I guess my boyfriend has a thing about me throwing out food before he gets to try it haha!

Soo anyways. What was the dessert I made? Umm our new favorite dessert. Lemon Pie was not in the fridge for long and I cant wait to make it again! Lemon is neither of our top favorite flavors but we both thought this pie was amazing! Loved it, sooooooo good! I seriously could have just ate the crust all by itself. And since I had leftover *Oatmeal cookie dough in the freezer, (IlovePioneerWoman) I thought a cookie trio would be nice. I don't know about you but we can always always go for cookies so I whipped up two batches of batter to keep in tupperware just so we can have cookies whenever Iwe want. I've made these *Cinnamon ones before and I loveee them but this was my first time making the *Peanut butter ones, I think I made them pretty well, they tasted good! Haha. Well I don't know about rules and what not so I'm linking to all the recipes I used. (enchiladas=my own recipe, top secret suckas ;)
A Cookie Trio: Back Right: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. Front Rows: Cinnamon Sugar Cookies. Back Left: Oatmeal Crispies

After my Mom tried the Lemon Pie this is what she said to me: Did you follow a recipe? Sensitive Sally me said what do you mean by that? She said well sometimes you just go do your own thing so I was just wondering. Its good! I don't know what this says about me as a cook hahaha but shes right I'm always adding or substituting something in a recipe. Or just completely not following directions or tweeking the recipe a bit. Whatever. Bacon makes everything better. Cheese too. And cookies! Food Network callyourgirl!


Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Nice job it all looks yummy! And I definitely also hate making new stuff if the bf isn't going to eat it.

Gina said...

I go stovetop to trash can too. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

Angie S said...

Mmmmm I am hungry just looking at those yummies! I think you did a great job :)