Saturday, April 24, 2010


1) What is your favorite ice cream?

Cookies and cream. Just to make sure, I asked my boyfriend what his girlfriends favorite flavor is, and were both right :) But it totally depends on where the ice cream is coming from though, for me to give an honest answer. You know? The grocery store or the ice cream place where you get to mix in your favorite things (aka happiest place on earth). Sometimes I'll pick rainbow sherbet, other times I'll go for something chocolaty maybe with carmel. But I'm always always a toppings kind of girl. Rainbow sprinkles I could eat spoonfuls full. Or maybe not that sounds kind of gross, but anyways I really like them!

2) If you could get married anywhere in the world where would it be?

Hmm I've always thought island/beach weddings are beautiful, and how fun for all the family to vacay. But that's not really my style. If I could get married anywhere in the world, California would be my final answer! A pretty place outdoors with a view of the ocean perhaps. I love love loved this wedding here . Trish, (who is btw, solely responsible for the questions in this post, lame answers are my own. She gave me "blogging juice" ha, so love her!) she showed it for her Pink&Green Thursdays! And I think I read that that location is the brides parents backyard! I would loveeee to get married there, gorgeous! Too bad me and bride aren't BFFS ha! And any Real Housewives of OC fans remember Lauri's wedding? I thought that was amazinggg. So um yea my answer is California somewhere pretty outside ;)
(*have I ever mentioned how indecisive I am? Ask me same two questions in a week I'll probably give a different answer lol)
Have a great Saturday! I scheduled this post, so I'll really be working when your reading this! Enjoy your day! I cant get wait to get off work already haha!


Trish said...

Hey my little soul sista! You and I are kindred, truly. My FAVE ice cream is Oreo too, hands down 100%! AND Matt and I had our reception in my parents back yard garden. SO FUN!

Glad I could help provide a little bloggy juice for ya! Have a great Sunday!

Erin said...

Sprinkles are my favorite!

EL said...
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EL said...

Erin arent sprinkles the best?! Rainbow, chocolate, like them all! Funny one of my friends in high school HATED them and I never understood!

Trish, two peas in a pod we so are! Oreo ice cream is super good! Ooh I'm SURE your wedding was gorgeous (mental note to scan your blog for pics?) and BTW thanks for that nice cold glass of blogging juice ;) XO!