Monday, April 5, 2010

My Jello Doesnt Jiggle.

Yay for Jello Eggs! Hooray for cooking spray! They were thick and chewy. Kind of hard. Jello is supposed to be wiggly jiggly right? But since I made the recipe water deprived, it was a little different. But BF loved them and that's really all that matters.

Picture of the table before dinner =)

Princesses drink out of pink Princess coffee mugs if you didn't already know.

Although I am capable, I wasn't drinking two sodas, one was for BF.

My Easter Sunday was lovely, was yours?

Raise your hand if you ate too much...


Shell said...

They look cute, though!

Glad you had a nice Easter. We did, too.

EL said...

=) good to hear!
yea at least they looked nice haha.

Trish said...

What a lovely spread Miss EL! LOVE IT! Especially love that stinkin cute Princess mug. Why not, right?

Sorry your Jello eggs didn't jiggle - but BF liked them - SUCCESS!! XOXOXO

Brown Girl said...

Oh dear, I must put up both hands. I'm bad. Love the Jello eggs!

EL said...

Thank you thank you Trish! I'm glad you like my Disney princess mug haha xoxo!

BG I would definitely be raising both hands, legs too...hahaha!

Courtney said...

but they look great, that's important too!

Erin said...

I remember Jello eggs! I don't know if I'd like them as much at 25 as I did at 5 though!