Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear December

Dear December,
Please slow down, don't go by so fast.
We were meaning to put the lights up right after Thanksgiving but time just passed.
I'm not sure but I could be experiencing symptoms of NCDE. (NeighborsChristmasDecorationsEnvy) Theirs look great and J and I made a pact to get ours up right away-they will be cuter anyway tomorrow!
December, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. So if you could just not go by so fast I mean does the 14th really have to be 2 weeks away? Because that is basically here and after that 10 days til Christmas? Give me a break! December do you know what the mall looks like the week before Christmas? Obviously not! But I do! I have not only shopped but worked there too, and December I plan to shop there soon, I mean as soon as I get my check, which is actually not soon at all, which is why I repeat, I need you to slow down. December I hope your getting all this. (deep breath) Look December, you stress alot of people out with your final exam dates. You don't need to create more stress by speeding away, you don't need to tell me the 6th is in however many days its in.
December, I know you want to sneakily creep into your second and third week way before I can get all my decorations up and have any shopping done. But if you just please slow down, and just give me a little bit of time to get organized and decide what I'm getting who and where I'm getting it from, and enough time to study to do well on my finals, oh and time to get my Mom a birthday gift. See December? People have alot going on! Soooo if you would just slow down, yours truly here would totally appreciate it. Thanks D, I'll even make some Christmas cookies if you let me...
P.S. I'm posting this as written on the 1st even if its not take that. I'm slowing December down in my mind if no where else.
P.S.P.S These are adorable.


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Awwww, well said! I love this season more than any other time of the year (well, I hate the weather, but love the *season*). I adore my advent calendar, but sometimes, I think it just is a visual symbol of how quickly the month goes!


♥ Ali ♥ said...

"Look December, you stress alot of people out with your final exam dates. You don't need to create more stress by speeding away!"

I hate December.

EL said...

=) I knew I wasnt the only one!