Thursday, December 3, 2009

Joy To The World

Do You Hear What I Hear?
Yes, The Poor College Student That Has Been Waiting Since August Finally Received Her Financial Aid Check.
Bells Will Be Ringing! Although At First, It Was Not Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas,
It Has Now Become The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. So Let It Snow! Here Comes Santa Claus!
P.S Like My Chrismas Song Collection? It was hard work. Not. Thanks Google list of Christmas songs!
Yayyyy! Wait, I'm not a shallow money lover or anything! Just I spent a fortune on books this semester and it really threw my whole budget off so I've been having to notspendanymoneyonanything pinch pennies just to put gas in the car/buy groceries/bills, etc! Sooo this check is much needed, highly anticipated with the holidays coming! (Don't worry, I know the real meaning of Christmas and all that! Six pound 9 ounce sweet baby Jesus =) Talladega Nights Anyone?) But I just love picking out the right presents for everyone! So it arrived not a minute too soon but in perfect time for me start, (yes start I now finally have $$) my shopping! Yayyyy! I am now in full on Christmas mode, not that money is everything its the only thing but with cushion in the bank I'm just not nearly as on edge which in turn leads to higher levels of Christmas cheer wooo wooo!

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