Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Christmas shopping for others, means I did not stop to look at the $5 holiday shirts Target was offering. Yes $5. But no, I did not come home with two of them, plus a sweater. I am not looking forward to wearing cute outfits for Christmas, and the days before! No, not me!

I do not have a fatty cat, nor do I have a red velvet choker with white fuzz made for cats. A cat looking like she has full blown Christmas spirit? So not me!

I did not drive all the way to the mall, only to come home with one lousy gift. One lousy coffee cup (its not really lousy, its got beautiful red roses on it and I know my grandma will love it). But still. Why would I waste the gas, time, and outfit? Exactly. It took me longer to get there and park then it did for me to pick out and pay for the mug. One store, 10 minutes, then back home. Feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, and not in the mood to deal with the crowd of shoppers? Not me!

So the other day I met up with my Dad at Starbucks for a drink before I had to go in to work. I told him to give me a minute while I stared up at the menu. (I'm team Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) I probably looked lost or like I was trying to read a foreign language. Well I finally decided to go for a caramel apple spice. I've always heard alot about Starbucks holiday drinks but never tried one. Not love it? Not me! It was not too sweet! I loved the taste of sweet apple juice with extra sugar mixed with milk, carmel and some more sugar topped with whipped cream. Hold the drink in my hand and pretend to sip it and then throw it away before walking in to work?

=) Not me!
One more thing, while googling carmel apple spice, I stumbled upon these.
Tell me these are not cute, I tell you your crazy! Oh and Don't forget to stop by


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