Sunday, December 13, 2009

I went shopping.
With no shoes on.

I wore grey sweats with holes in them.
No makeup on.

Click Cliiiiick Cliiiiiiiiiiiick Cliiiiiick...
That's the sound of me going broke finding the perfect present,
adding it to my cart, and "checking out."
Online Shopping, I love it.

Its replaced blogging! I'm finding great deals on gifts I know the recipient will adore. I feel bad for my mom who is not so computer savvy and the only thing online shopping can provide for her is frustration lol! I'm glad I'm good with computers. It makes it easy, actually almost too easy because if I keep finding such cute stuff I'm going to be in big trouble after Christmas when I realize I spent all my money on the world wide web!
(all images via google)

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