Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

(Not Me Monday from MckMamas)
This is not going to be my shortest Not Me Monday post ever.
Because I am not headed off to Target, on this beautiful Monday just four days before Christmas. Not Me! I do not still have two people to shop for, so you know I wont be fighting through crowds and standing in line forever. Not Me!
But if I was, would you wish me luck? Oh and if you haven't yet, would you check out the Rainbow Cake I did not make, and was not proud of. I dont do bragging or anything...No, Not Me! ;)


Jenilee said...

we stood in target lines tonight! :) thankfully, the girls were with a babysitter so I didn't have them grabbing things while we were waiting. :)

EL said...

:) target is my favorite, even with the lines ha!