Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let There Be Lights

BF has been working crazy hours so its just been me myself and I. I would have waited for him to help but he's been real tired from work and since I haven't, I decided I'd have a go at it alone. And after all that complaining about not having any decorations up days ago, I figured today would be the day to change that. So I hauled out all the boxes and decided to go crazy. Well not really I wasn't up on the roof with 50 strands of lights or anything. I'm a clumsy girl so I stay away from ladders; all work was done by me reaching & tippy toes. By the way, round of applause to the husbands/men out there who are single handedly responsible for the Christmas light duty, because trust me, its alot harder than it looks. Or maybe it was just that way for me ha! Did I already say I was clumsy? I managed to give myself a really nice burn on my wrist, I guess we have some hot bulbs! I'm a baby when it comes to pain but it was seriously comparable with an oven burn! Anyways, can you tell from my cheap phone pics, I was out there from sun to sundown, finishing right before it got too dark, I think it looks good! We do colored bulbs across the top and white icicles. BFs gonna be so surprised when he pulls up to a bright house!

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