Monday, December 7, 2009


Giving you fair warning.
I'm definitely not one that sleeps in the buff, no naked sleeping for me. However, I do keep my "pajamas" minimal. Booty shorts and ok hold on before I get started is there any other term out there better than booty shorts? Because its not really my favorite thing to say and it kinda makes me laugh when I hear myself say it because for some reason I pronounce my "o"s higher pitched than any other letter in a word. So. Please make me aware if there is a better name for that type of underwear. I could go for an increase/rearrangement in that section of vocabulary. Anyways! So that's what covers my behind every lovely night of beauty rest. I just really dont like to be super covered when I'm sleeping, it feels so constricting and I'd rather feel my blankies and BF on my skin, not socks. So top half, tank top or shirt. Everything sounds good right? Wrong! Did you forget what month and season were in? Don't worry, it took me a little while to catch on too, I was sleeping in bras and underwear only to wake up in the middle of the night to search for one of BFs hoodys and a pair of socks. That is precious sleep time wasted, which is why I plan on being one step ahead of that coldness! Sleeping in a thermal and socks but bottoms? I toss & turn a ton and like to do so freely; sweats would only prevent this, I think. Leggings may be too thin though. Hmm....Don't tell Christmas, but I really miss Summer! Well I think I'm done complaining about being frigid...still don't know how you living in colder places survive sleep through the night ha!

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