Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where You Goin

Thinking about going to school out of state? Let me offer you my help, the most wisest words of wisdom. Just a couple of suggestions, tips, if you will =)

Chooosing the right college/school for you should end and begin with Victoria's Secret. First, view their "Pink" Collegiate collection, and if you don't see a schools color and logo printed on cute sweatpants and underwear, then, that school is out. No longer an option. Keep lookin.

Now flash way back to elementary school and start to get real familiar with your states, if you aren't already. Arkansas is above Louisiana and all that. Become BFFS with the site that lists all Universities by state. Spend some time at Kelly Korner, reading her posts like this one mentioning "College Gamedays". Check out how hardcore the commenter's are raving about "their team", notice the states their from and this should help you in getting some ideas for school choices. Look at the adorable little girl dressed in Arkansas Hogs attire until your convinced you want to be a part of the SEC. Then, go to this site that Kelly had linked to, they'll hopefully list the schools your considering, then you can begin imagine yourself dressed in something cute in your schools colors.

Then, visit this blog here, be inspired by another adorable dress, and proceed to visit both websites that are linked to. This will result in you being overwhelmed at all the possibility's of cute things that have your University name stamped on them.

Is this shopping or choosing a future University? Well who's asking because if it was my Mom then its totally choosing a future educational establishment. If its you,well then you definitely know me and know I totally based my school decisions off of clothes from VS and what not, I pretty much picked the state half blindfolded ;) so yes this is kind of just shopping for future clothes ;)
Everybody wears them.

Sooooo toss your options around for a while. State info, school info, requirements blah blah blah. Google will be as faithful as it can be in providing optimal search results. Which is not much so that's always fun.

What I'm telling you next is very important. probably the only thing you needed to read in this post. And yes I know they are oh so cute but unless you want to wear your University of Florida sweatpants to the University of Alabama basketball games, then you better avoid the temptation to order early! Wait til you've got your admissions letter and you know where your going.

Thennnnn, go back to Victoria's Secret. You know for sure what school your going to, order away friend!
Oh and have fun at school.
Because that's whats its about.


Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Such a fun post! My school didn't have anything and I totally wanted some stuff from VS.

Krystal said...

Hahahahaha it's true though! V. Secret started off doing only the elite party schools but it has since branched out. It is still only picking established universities though. =)

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

University of RI is very close to me. That makes that one awesome, right?

Are there any purple university sweats? Like, a jewel-toned purple? Does anyone list by favorite color? That would be quite helpful.

And glitter. What about glitter?!


Anonymous said...

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