Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Up Cholo's

Hi to everyone and anyone who happens to read this, by choice or accident, =) I hope you have a really awesome rest of your day.
I was just thinking about how much I appreciate everyone who stops by this page, it truly brings a big smile to my face, awwwwww! ha ;)
Here's whats mixed up in my head, cant always get it all together and looking pretty so you'll find its really all just a bunch of words.

I know I'm not the only one with a significant other that chooses to tune in to some crazy TV shows. My boyfriend watches some interesting stuff while I'm over here blogging away. I don't pay attention to any of it, I'm focused on the comp, but every once in a while I look up to see the madness, a man clearing out a nest of angry red wasps, alligators, etc. I think by chance I always catch the good stuff. Yea like that >>>

I was on my Microsoft iTouch typing in Chili's because I wanted to look at the menu before we went; we decided to use a gift card we've been hoarding foreverr. So I type it in not really paying attention I guess because the next thing I know I'm looking at search results for Cholos. Whaaaaaat. Oops sorry Wikipedia I don't kneed a picture of men in bandanna's, those are supposed to be i's not o's.

We were all ready and dressed to go to dinner, the dinner we were paying for with a gift card right. I'm putting my shoes on, BF asks me where the beloved card is and my heart immediately sank. I lost it, I had no clue where it was. I had looked up the menu and got ready for nothing. Looking forward to going out to eat, and then having to stay home and cook, how sucky. But thank newborn 6ounce baby Jesus my boyfriend really is an angel saint nun type of guy who's number one strength in life is finding all the things I cant seem to keep track of. The Chili's card was very stickily stuck to another gift card, resulting in the look of 1 gift card but it was really two stuck together. I couldn't tell. All that matters is we had a fab dinner :)

I didn't stuff my face too much so when we came home I had a sweet tooth. I stood in front of the pantry, staring at a jar of peanut butter long enough to finally want to make peanut butter cookies, so that's what I made. I was feeling really large and in charge so I went ahead and softened some ice cream. Resulting in, cookie sandwiches. Yes I started demolishing mine before I thought to take a picture so I had to snag BF's so I could do my photography.

So why do I say Microsoft iTouch? Well first it was just to make fun of BF but then it kind of stuck. When I first got it, I would always refer to it by saying "hand me my phone, grab my phones please, etc." BF would correct me every freaking time, "its not even a phone, its not really a phone." OKAY! I obviously know the electronic device is not really a phone but I guess I just cant call it that. Nope, no since in shortening what I'm saying. So now he can laugh, shake his head or roll his eyes all he wants when I use any of the phrases, "wheres my Microsoft Apple iTouch? Hand me my Microsoft Windows iTouch please." He wanted to get technical ;)

But I guess you haven't really seen anything in life until you've seen Poodle creations/decorating. What? I know, I said wtf right before I got sucked in to some special show they had on TLC. A competition pageant type of thing, featuring crazy cut & colored poodles. How did I not know about this. I had to make BF watch 2 minutes of it, I'd say it was a high point of the weekend, hah! I'm really serious; that's a poodle not a panda?!!!!

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