Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Someday We'll Know If Love Can Move A Mountain

Love & Hate.
Like & Dislike,
If hate is too strong for your tastebuds.

Love them, hate them?
Like it alot or not at all?

I'm moving this summer,
to a new state.
So I'm trying to get info online right.
"State info,"living here," etc.

Sometimes I hate online.
Everythings so misleading.
I don't know how many times I've yelled at my Mom for basing a "diagnosis" on the closest thing Google/Web MD could match her search results to.

No the computer is not always right.
But who is?
The people who hate on my future state?

Claiming they are so glad they have relocated, advising others not to make the move there, stating all the cons of living there.

Or the people that love that state and write beautiful well worded paragraphs that make me excited to experience everything there is to offer there? The people that say what lovely friendly community's there are and how many fun things there are to do?

Right now, I hate opinions.
There are too many out there.
And they are too far in between, the good and the bad.

Not pleased with the options of "love it or hate it."
How do you find out which side is right?
Umm you cant.
Something totally new I have no idea about,
And no way to find out "the truth" about it?
I'm super a little bossy and controlling,
so not knowing doesn't settle well me.

But I guess its going to have to.
Moving somewhere, blindfolded basically.
I know its been done before.
Possibly: High crime rate, dirty, racist, high poverty level, undesirable type of place to live?
Possibly: Really captures that southern hometown feel and has so many opportunities to offer?
My future home is either one of the those two.

Which one?!

Is ice cream very horrible or is it the number one dessert in the world?
Does the state I'm moving to suck really bad or is it so super awesome?

Which one?!
-Love always,
my brain.

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