Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Hope you are all well and having a great weekend!
Have you ever been to any kind of Pet store where they have cards? You know, get well, regular Hallmark looking like ones except their usually all animals on the greeting cards. Anyways, Mothers Day I received two of those.

One card cover; a kitten playing a harp. Not sure about that...I don't play the harp & neither does our cat.
The other; a little terrier in a tub all soapy.That one I loved because I am the only dog bather between the two of us.

How impressive he took the time to stop and browse the card section while he was there getting dog food. Their our fur babies so its a nice gesture and the cards were so cute. He said "Did you notice I wrote sloppy so it would like theirs!" Totally noticed, and it totally looked like lefty cat writing! (??!)

3 Year Anniversary. We are broke and saving any available money for the big move so we've been agreeing to no nothing for everything. Or I guess only I have been agreeing. So tell me why did I roll over and wake up to a big bag of M&Ms (omg yay) and a card in an envelope reading "I Love You". Who likes reading sweet nothings getting watery eyes in bed, 25 seconds after first awaking?
I guess I do!
But only when those sweet nothings are something like; "I hope you have a great anniversary day, mine is already great because I have you."

I don't usually like being lied to, but that was really sweet.
All that Princessy-ness of mine, I don't understand at all how he does it. There are times I think to myself, I know I'm being so difficult right now. So if I know that, imagine him, poor guy.

But he loves it. He loves me. He gets me. And he makes jokes about me not having to vacuum. Don't know how it works but sounds like a keeper to me.

I know one day he's going to be a great Father.

I felt like an ass reading my card and eating my M&Ms wishing I would have gotten him something even though we said we weren't.

So I got the ball rolling, and for once I'm going to be looking like the most nicest significant other ;)

So how about a Fathers Day-from-the-dog-card. What? I didn't know they made them either so I saw it and had to get it. I'm gonna leave it next to his wallet so he sees it in the morning, first thing! And his picture folder inside his wallet is equipped with a fresh new photo of him and I from my graduation. We'll see how long it takes him to notice its there. I've left little "I love you notes" in his wallet before and I forget about them because he takes forever to finally see it!

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