Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keep It 100?

Today I read a post at Kelly's Korner, it was regarding the issue of realness. It totally stuck in my head and I've caught myself going back to thinking about some of the things she said. Like, how real are you on your blog? Well pretty darn real. I mean as real as you can be when your not using your real name and showing any pictures right ;)

But blogs are different I feel.
I like how "pretty darn real" looks and sounds, so that's what is published in my post.
But in "real" life I might replace that darn with an F bomb.
Or I might not. It all depends. But main point, realness.

You cant tell my real attitude by this blog. Things are just hard to "read" when their written and not said (like with texting!) Theres so many different ways you could say "your so stupid" but you don't really know how/which way somebody is saying/meaning something just by reading it. So, sure, you get an idea of me, but no way can you tell the real level of sarcasm that I would be using in real life. Know what I mean jelly bean? I think for the most part though, regardless, some part of the writer shines through the blog no matter what, somehow.

I totally see the glass half full, always,(alwaysalwaysalmostalways:) and I feel like my blog reflects that, er at least I want it to. Its uppity kind of you know, its not a dark depressing blog, black and sad. Its bright, its pink, it has bows on it. Pretty much I like it that way and that's the way I'd like it to stay, but its hard, because yes yes yes I have crazzyyy madness going on in my "real life" that I could go on about for days, but, do you want to bring those dark depressing things to your bright pink blog? No. I don't want to bring my drama filled life and cuss words here. I don't know if I want to "stain the pink" with the "dirty black". Sometimes yes I do, but, that's not all I wanted my blog to be about. And seeing as how I've still, not quite yet figured out what and how exactly I want this blog to be, I just go with the flow. My blog is the "place" I can dump everything that's in my head, whatever it may be. A mixture of some nothings, few pictures of glitter, and some whining; that's my blog lol and that's ok, I'm still learning and know I don't have to classify this thing. But who knows what it will look like as we go on...I'm moving out, going somewhere new, and taking the bloggity with me.

Bottom line (because Stone Cold said so), just beacuse your talking about something other than another something, doesnt mean your not totally real right.

Other bottom line because I say so, this blog is a mixture of stuff. Stuff that doesn't really go in any particular direction, its crazy, if you haven't figured that out yet. And although its crazy and the words are all mixed up, its real, I can honestly say, its real. I know sometimes it looks and sounds like a 7 year old Princess is running this, but no, its a 21 year old girl behind this blog, for real. And I know sometimes your probably like yea right no way did her boyfriend really say that. But I guarantee you he does, really, every stupid stupid word, and I really do love him :)

So yea, I keep this blog 100, and if you don't know what that means please refer to my newest discovery, The Online Slang Dictionary (?!?!!)

here's the def:
Keep it 100:
Tell the truth.
Don't lie, keep it 100.

Well, all be!

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Cheryl said...

Nothing wrong with being 99% real. We all have some things we want to keep private, for instance I could have a years worth of posts about the ridiculous mother in law I have and all the crapola she has pulled on me for 10 years...but instead I will write a nice post about my 10th wedding anniversary and I will just not mention her.
Real ? yes? 100% info divulged? No