Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Very Much!

I'm pissed!
I mean, I'm sooooo thankful! So I'm linking up with Kmama for TYVM Thursdays!
Dear waitress that served us when we went to dinner at Chili's,
Thank you so much for drawing such cute hearts on our receipt/tab bill thing. Thank you for writing "thank you" in such big capital letters. Thank you for the excellent and prompt service. But most importantly, thank you for mentioning to "not forget to fill out the survey online, you could win!" I cant thank you enough for the many times you forced it in my brain repeated it during our last 5 minutes in the resaturaunt. You must have known I believe in luck, and I believe that I do have good luck. (Somebody one 13$ on two random scratchers last week. Just sayin.) So, thank you for allowing me to believe. Thanks for the encouragement to skip past the smart side of me! The part saying are you really wasting your time. Yes, your the only one I can thank in all this ;) Thanks for helping me see the other side, the side your company gets a free survey from! 1000$ I could have one. Yes, waitress thank you for telling me that could happen. I'm so glad I spent my time on something that could happen!


Beth Zimmerman said...

Sigh ... pushy people just suck all the fun out of life!

Kmama said...

LOL! I'm sometimes a total sucker for things like that. But then when I have to spend 15 mins answering the stupid survey,I get a little peeved.

Thanks for linking up! I hope your dinner/lunch was at least good! ;-)