Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Head Full Of Thoughts V

♥This weekend I crawled into my boyfriends lap. He asked me what was wrong and I didn't speak I just shook my head. He took a lucky guess and said "the movie's sad huh baby?" I nodded my head. When I first saw Juno in theaters I teared up a little bit, but not nearly as much as I did the other night watching it in bed. Have you seen it? I love the role Jennifer Garner plays, and of course love Michael Cera from Superbad. I think I just love the movie in general. *mental note add to collection! I was never really one to "tear up", maybe now because I'm older, who knows, but, TV, movies, sad storys; my eyes are wet.

♥Watched Valentines Day too. Kind of cheesy, I could see how people would hate it, but I loved it. Loved Jennifer Garner's role in this one too! When we were done watching it, BF asked if I liked the the movie and I said yea I thought it was funny and then I added it would have been so cute to see on Valentines Day. Sorry I'm a horrible boyfriend, he says. I laughed and jumped in his hap. We always say that, its like this joke we have I guess. I forgot to grab his drink from the fridge, he forgot to plug in my flat iron= Sorry I'm such a horrible boyfriend/girlfriend. We so funny.

♥Send one my way? My email address is fromyourstrulyy@gmail.com right. So I'm signing in the other day...And PLEASE tell me you've seen that commercial for Dockers, with all the guys singing "I wear no pants."? Umm yea just so happens that if I see that commercial one time, it will be my favorite song to sing all day. Good luck shutting me up. So, who knows where my head is but I type; fromyourpants@gmail.coom How funny is that. Kind of like "pants" better than "trulyy" now dontcha? Hahaha.

♥I was taking one last look at myself in the mirror that hangs up in our front door/entryway area. I decided my ponytail was looking a little too messy if you know what I mean and my hair could use a bobby pin. I walked back to the bedroom to get one, couldn't find one, thought I might find one on the ground (that's where I keep lots of stuff, I'm messy fyi!) but I didn't. Luckily I found one under some papers on the desk. But, what did I find when I looked on the ground? (I had to take a picture) Umm well my feet. But they looked/felt funny. Why? Their both black right ok but something was wrong, what was it....Oh yeah! How bout one has a silver buckle. Thank goodness I came back for that bobby pin otherwise I woulda been out the door and lookin funny!


SurferWife said...

maybe the shoe fiasco was your Karma for harrassing me on Twitter.

No book for you.

no, but really, you and your boyfriend sound cute.

Brown Girl said...

I loved Juno! It made me sad as well but such a cute movie! I never saw Valentines day but heard it was cheesy!

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

How come you and your boyfriend are so cute? Seriously. AWWWWW.

I'm singing that Dockers commercial song now. I'm easily influenced like that. I wear noooo pannnnts. (I'm wearing pants.)

I didn't even notice the shoe issue until I looked closely. I'm the BEST person to make an OOPS in front of. I rarely have ANY clue what's going on. ;D