Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out

I have recieved a real nice compliment before.

In my world, telling someone "they have a great/fabulous attitude", well that comment goes into the "nicest things you can ever say to someone" category.

I don't toot my own horn too much, only when I'm feeling really Princessy you know.

I believe attitude is everything.

And well, to keep it real, receiving that compliment totally made me want to toot my own horn and since its not something I do often, well, I'm doing it. And I really hope this counts as Pouring Your Heart Out...but what am I thinking of course it does because the lovely Shell(xo!) from Things I Cant Say, says "really, it's anything that YOU consider pouring your heart out." So this post totally qualifies and thanks in advance if you read it :)

My attitude is fabulous. No not 100% of the time, but I work real hard to keep it up for at least mostly high 90%s. Actually I don't have to work too hard though, alot of it just comes with my personality; soft spoken, kind of quiet, doesn't want to be the center of attention all the time, polite, cheerful, etc. On my club volleyball team, I wasn't the girl that got a red card for kicking the volleyball like a soccer ball across the gym after a bad call, I was the girl that was friends with that girl that kicked it. I was never the girl that liked to get wasted and be ridiculously loud and crazy. I was the girl that was best friends with her and made sure she got home safely. Yes I love me some gossip, but I'm the girl that wont get be the start of it, or really any big part of it. Sitting there quietly and listening (laughing in my head in awe of things I've heard) works better for me.

I have an everythings gonna be alright attitude for the most part. I have called 911, hysterical inside, yet perfectly calm and collected on the phone with the operator. I can make it through a stressful situation and still manage to not lose my head or my cell phone. Sometimes. I know that things can be fixed, and even if they cant, I know they could be a lot worse.

This is where me and Momma differ, how we see "the cup". I see: a pretty glass half full filled with my favorite drink. Momma sees it: a dirty broken cup half empty with holes in it and nooo wayyyy can it be fixed.

Umm yeahhh. Her thinking is the sky is falling, and "what if" it snows! (in a town that hasn't gotten snow in 30+ years.) I cant and hate doing that. You can play "what ifs" all day and it wont get you anywhere. Yea sometimes its good to have "what ifs" and therefore have back up plans and etc, but only so much. If it snows, then it snows. NO I don't have snow boots but that's okay, I'll bundle in what I do have. What if my boyfriend doesn't find a job when we move right away? Well that's not going to hold me back from moving. I know theres so many people out there that have packed up and started new and I have faith I can do it. If he doesn't find a job right away, all we can do is keep looking.

I'm not one to stay down and focus on the negatives. In our little "tiffs" I'll tell BF "I hate fighting, I don't like to be mad its a waste of time! Being happy is a choice, and a choice I choose indeed! Yes I'm mad, but I don't want to keep this attitude you know? (but its so freaking hard to get rid of it sometimes!)

If I don't quite hear you, I will always say, "pardon?" Some people respond with a laugh and a "you sound like an old lady!" Umm that's okay, I adore manners.
We could be anywhere, my boyfriend will catch me making crazy faces and he asks me what the heck I'm doing. I blush and say nothing and then point to the little 4 year old behind us that I was "playing" with. If any Moms have ever caught their kid playing peek a boo with a stranger, you know, stepping back and forth all over your legs, looking back at something a few feet away, or if their little ones and their stuffing their face into your neck with a smile? Oh yea, I make friends really easily with the baby being held by the person in front of me. If I get caught in the eye of a little kid, forget it.

I'm not quite sure what my boiling point is. I'm horrible with saying no and I have the mindset of "I don't want anyone to be mad at me" so I stretch myself thin sometimes.

Every weekend There were some nights in high school I played Momma to my alcohol sick girlfriends. Keeping track of phones and purses at the party, when we got home, making sure they didn't fall asleep on or in the toilet, no climbing in bed with their heels on. And the morning after, making a breakfast that would be good on their tummy. This post from awhile ago mentions my love for holding hands. Younger me couldn't wait to be a girlfriend, I was so ready! Even though it didn't happen for quite a while, I didn't get down and depressed about it. I knew when it was my time, I would be a great girlfriend. I don't mind taking care of other people, putting them before me. Its so crazy to remember myself thinking "one day I'm gonna make a great girlfriend". And now here we areeeeee :) My absolute favorite part of dinner is when I get to fix BFs plate.

My Mom and I have our ups and downs and really low downs lol, but theres not a day I don't thank her for raising me the way she did! I love feeling like I'm a great girlfriend, a hard working employee. Sure I have it set it in my head that I'm a Princess that is forever exempt from all house cleaning. Yes I would sleep in til noon everyday if I could. But, if those are my worst qualities, I think that's all okay. I'm happy with where I am so far in life. I would settle and just be glad for the success of NOT living in a cardboard box at the riverbottom with my cat, so the fact that I'm going to college, working, not super rushed for kids/marriage(oh but I am!) and haven't gotten arrested, well, it really makes me want to give myself a pat on the back. And ohh how I hate giving myself those, reminds me of a creepy substitute from 1st grade and I just think its the cheesiest stupidest thing ever ha! But anyways, kudos to me, and Mom, I guess she did something right raising me lol!
I'm so thrilled I have such an exceptional attitude. I think its going to make life alot easier for me. It kind of has so far. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively with people and having a positive outlook on life has got to get you somewhere right? I hope all the patience I have nowadays sticks with me later in life, cause I heard you need lots if it when you have kids. But thats probably just another rumor..... ;)


Laurel said...

I loved this entry--I think your positive attitude really shined through in your writing.

And three cheers for "Pardon?"!

Gina said...

I've always thought you were adorable but "pardon" makes you even cuter! :)

Shell said...

It sounds like you really do have such a fabulous attitude. Especially since attitude affects every part of our lives!

Thanks for linking up!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Aw this is a cute post I liked it!

Trish said...

Sweetheart, I just had the opportunity to read this post. Can I just tell you what a doll you truly are? And so wise for your age! You are a great daughter, friend, girlfriend, blog friend, you name it, your attitude speaks volume about your character, and I love the way you wear your heart on your sleeve and are so grateful for what you have in your life. Hugs to you honey, this was beautiful xox