Sunday, November 8, 2009

If Looks Were Everything

What is that?
Dark Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Frosting.
My Mom bought stencils from Michael's.
Stencils for Christmas baking. Trees, wreath, etc.
They are supposed to work with colored sugar.
She said they did not. Proof is in the picture.
Is there anything I can do with this now?
She asked me, in regards to the "shapes" left by the not so cool stencils.
She bustled about in a couple drawers.
Layed a cookie cutter down,
And shook her sprinkles.
Into a tree, two stars, and an upside down candy cane.
She handed me a fork and said,
Well I'm glad I decided to practice Christmas!
Me too. Because if this was her actual Christmas cake, oh man!
I love my Mom and her practice cake was yummy ;)
*Note* Pictures were not taken with consent.
My arm was batted away as I captured these fabulous decorations.

1 comment:

Sarah H. said...

Oh man, I'm glad she practiced too :) I always try to make cute desserts that don't turn out how I envisioned….except it’s on the day of the event. I should practice, but I don’t want to eat all those extra sweets!