Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Opposite Of A Cake Boss

My sister called me the other night with a crisis. She was baking a cake, she failed. Not surprising. Cake was supposed to be taken to her early a.m class so she was freaking out. And of course she had no box mixes for backup, and not all the ingredients for anything else homemade. So here is where I come in. It was late but I wasn't tired yet for some reason so I whipped up a Betty Crocker butter recipe chocolate cake in no time. I am such a good sister. I was planning on piping "Nursing 2010" in red frosting, but it looked more pink than red so I "wrote" it in sprinkles. It came out really cute and she was super grateful. I'm super grateful the cooking gene skipped her and landed with me. When I say skipped her, I mean it, she would have trouble following the directions to boiled water! Ha! Although she is blessed to have the medical skill/nursing gene that got her through the program, I'm glad the cooking one landed with me and not her. I have my cooking/baking skills and can always call her, my family nurse if I need more than a bandaid :) So you know what looks like something I'd like...Well I don't even have a Wii but if I did, I think I would totally be playing that game from Food Network! Looks so fun!

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♥ Ali ♥ said...

I want the CPU version of the food network SOO SOO bad!!