Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here's My Review

Previously, I've been a sucker for packaging. Well...A cool shaped bottle with awesome looking beads too!? In the basket you go. I opted for green, the purple smelled a little too flowery and I try to go for soaps that J can also use in case his stuff runs out. Soooo. Its good. It is slowly turning into a favorite. It lathers up alot. Which works really good for leg shaving. The two best parts: 1-how cool it looks, 2-how soft the whole "serum" deal leaves my skin. Really.

Since were on body washes....Axe Dark Temptation was the last product J picked out for himself. I'll review it for him. Great, yes sure we'd buy it again. He smells so good. Guy soap is the best. (smell)
I hate lotion. I don't like dry skin, but I really don't like lotion. It feels greasy. Yes I've tried different ones. They feel greasy. And I cant stand my palms feeling all lotion-y! Like I ask J to put lotion on my legs and arms for me because I hate it being on my hands so much. Those days are over. From someone picky that doesn't really like lotion, this one is awesome. Arms and legs, feet. Its light enough you don't feel it on your skin but you feel it, if that makes any sense! But I love that! Its light enough to smell your perfume over. Hoooooray.


♥ Ali ♥ said...

I'm ubber excited to try this lotion (because I too HATE the feel of lotion), and the body wash (because I too would have just bought it because of the way it looked so cool, and I love soft skin and lathery soap! yay! Great reviews!

EL said...

Thanks! Hey if you end up trying them let me know if you like em! I know the soap is a winner because who can complain about soft skin?! Yayy! =)