Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wishy Washy

Sunday afternoon I applied to UGA. Sunday night, we were laying in bed, watching TV. I put my chin on his chest and my eyes welled up as I shamefully admitted my cold feet in regards to moving. I am extra thankful that he is extra patient and understanding about everything. He guessed right what was wrong right away, he knows how close I am with my family. I first got cold feet thinking about all the things I'd miss seeing my nephew do in elementary school the next few years. Cold feet for me doesn't necessarily mean the plan is cancelled...I want to go "be a young person out in the world", as my Dad calls it. But I just keep thinking its soooo faaarrr away. Didn't I sound so convinced and confident here? Ha! I've only been excited thinking about starting what will be a new adventure in a new town trying to make new friends and all that, but the excitement was gone and I was only overwhelmed. Every time I think about how much I'd miss my fam, I find myself on google looking at local universities. LOL. But I really do want to go, I picked GA for a reason and I do want to experience it...But...Ugh. So many mixed thoughts all over the place. And where besides this page am I going to put them all? Well anyways...This weekend...I'm going to shop online for the birthday boy =) Hopefully we can just relax, and I'll squeeze in some studying in between football watching and laundry...Oh and my nephew will be with us Friday & Saturday night while my sister works! Oh and last thing, Just a Girl has this fabulous DIY gift gathering thing going on, and through it I found a blog with what looks like a super fun project. I wanted to save it for him for Christmas but I think it would be a fun activity to do with him this weekend! (thanks JAG & L2C)Fun, but messy I'm thinking.

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Sarah H. said...

Hi, I found you on my sisters blog "Here, there, and Everywhere." Looks good :) Here's my blog: I have a question---how did you get the twitter thing on the side? I want to add one just like it! Thanks :)