Sunday, November 1, 2009

Twice As Nice As Pumpkin Pie

Yummy recipes? Bakerella has got it goin on! The recipe for Pumpkin Pie Bites has been on her site for a while and I had been thinking about making it as Thanksgiving dessert. Well I decided to test run it for Halloween and Ohh My Goodness! Arent they cute? And pretty easy to make! They are so good! And by good I mean bad ha! They are like bite size pumpkin pies that you could eat a ton of! No need for slicing pie just grab one of these! My boyfriend opens the Tupperware that I put them in and picks one out each time he walks through the kitchen! So if J or myself start to look a little heavier around the middle, I think I might know why...Ha! But seriously. Bakerella has some fabulous recipes. I have been wanting to try and make these but I am always somewhere else (bed) when it is prime time breakfast time. Morning sshmorning. One more time can I just say that Bakerella has some great recipes?! I am so looking forward to trying out this one next!

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