Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Life!

The dog has always been attached to me, whenever I leave the room his eyes don't leave from whichever direction I last went. He knows when the car pulls up, I'm home. Ok so don't laugh, but me and J will stand by each other and call the dog to us, fighting for his attention to see who he will come to first right. So I'm used to winning in like 2 seconds but I've been noticing for awhile now that J is giving me a run for my money. Its quite surprising actually to have to work a little hard to get him to come to me! I got the dog three years ago and have been with J for about two and a half...They have so become attached, I love it. The dog is trained fairly well and has only one major problem, his spastic barking! Sometimes its ridiculous. He loves the dog park, but more than that, he loves himself a ride in the car! He gets so excited to jump in and sit on my lap/look out the window/sleep if its a long drive. He's basically a 5 pound magnet I cannot take him anywhere, car or place, without getting attention. Mostly from elderly people and kids. Especially when hes wearing a shirt =) I get at least 5 "aww puppy!"s ha!
I wish I could get the collage bigger but I am not so computer savvy.The cat, we adopted her together, shes our little baby. She'll be two years next spring. She sleeps on my side of the bed Sh for some reason. She loves to eat, but she love love loves fresh water! She knows when I'm holding her dish full of fresh water and she gets excited. If you ever met a bratty cat, this is her. She is very much a princess. She meows until someone feeds her. Someone is J, because I refuse to fall for that meow I haven't ate in a month when I just watched her polish off her whole portion. Does that explain the tummy? Yes, shes extremelya little tubby. If you cant tell by the pictures, trust me. I find it so funny when I call her fat fat fatty. But the boyfriend does not. I am totally on my own because those two are on a team! I try to diet her and ration her food but she totally has my boyfriend wrapped around her finger. Daddy's girl much. Couch scratching and knocking over everything in sight, she gets off the hook with the big guy. She can do no wrong in his eyes. She is the cutest cat in the world though, so its hard to stay mad at her for very long!

If you have never checked out Kelly's Korner, please do so! I haven't ever linked up to any of her "Show Us Your Life" posts, so I was so super excited for this one!

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♥ Ali ♥ said...

They are both precious firr-balls!

And cats are allowed to be a little tubby, all they do is eat, sleep, play and nap anyways. lol