Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why You Bloggin

Blogs are like books. Each post is a page.

Such a variety, there are many out there I enjoy reading...

Mommy blogs, Bride to be blogs, Family blogs, Business/Shopping blogs, Cooking, Decorating...All different kinds!

Nosy? Not. I just like to read!

Plus, through your blogs...

-Recipes. It is so nice to find recipes from all you out there. Dinners, desserts- easy, more difficult, all yummy! Browsing blogs for holiday recipes is my latest kick.

I can always find what I'm looking for...

-A smile. Some posts are heartwarming. Some are aw romantic. Some are "aw cute!" All of those get my smile.

-A jaw drop. Babies crying, kids lost, all those mishaps make me feel a little less clumsy!

-A laugh out loud. Which is the point where my boyfriend looks at me like he knows for sure I am definitely crazy. I prove my not craziness by sharing whichever blog post (maybe yours!?) I was laughing at.

-If you mixed our TV remote in with 50 others, I would say lost for good. J would pick it right out. When I don't really feel like watching UFC, College Football Final, or, Worlds Most Shocking Videos, what am I to do? Ummm... This is where all those lovely blogs out there come in! Were together, side by side..Just I'm watching this screen and he's watching that one. Good trade, and when I'm lucky he'll rub my feet! (fyi: lucky=when I ask ha!)

So thank you for sharing the recipes, the pictures, the funny stories, the sad ones. Thanks for the ideas. Thanks for making me feel less rotten about washing the same load of laundry twice. Thank you for giving me something to read.

So. Open the book, turn the page. Open a tab, read a post. Right? =)

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