Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me!

Since being in a relationship with J, I did not completely forget how to pump gas. Not me! I still remember you have to pay first and foremost. Pressing the "regular" button repeatedly and pumping the gas nozzle furiously, before realizing you still have to slide the card and enter zipcode. Not me, I know and still totally remember how to do that. Just because my gentleman is the one to pump 99% of the time doesn't mean I would absolutely forget how the whole gas fill up thing works, Not me!

I am regular about grocery trips and all that. So it was not me that was stuck looking into an empty refrigerator at dinner time. Not me that cooked maple bacon and Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls and called it dinner. So Not me! Where is the protein in that? Exactly. Not Me!

I didn't sleep in this weekend past eleven. I did not wake up to find washed cars, finished laundry, a clean house, and a clean bathroom. J is not a great boyfriend to do such things. I am not so lucky. Not me!

One last thing I definitely did not just do. Add the DCC Yoga Dvd to my Christmas list. Not me!
See what MckMama and everyone else have not been doing!


♥ Ali ♥ said...

Great not me post!..

Hi, I'm Ali..Your new follower. lol. :)

EL said...

Hi there & thanks!! =)