Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pair Of Genes

Jeans, I do adore.
I was ecstatic when I first discovered Abercrombie & Fitch's version of "long" because it is truly long. I'm a tall girl and still end up walking on my pairs.

So, my sister, same genes =) Lets burn her out quickly by talking about the jean section of her fabulousdoesntevendescribeit closet. Citizens, R&R, 7s. I haven't been in there lately but shes got to have at least 25 pairs folded and hanging. I know right? I think I'm going to look for the licences plate frame that says something like "this car stops at all Nordstroms", for her Christmas gift.

My Joe's Jeans. They are a couple years old. Thanks to cold hard cash and a leftover Macy's gift card. I remember standing in the store, holding onto the jeans thinking, you wear jeans almost every day these are worth it. My first $100+ pair of jeans. But they have that ballet slipper fit; slides on smooth and hugs all the right spots so they fit just right. So worth it. The man knows they can make an outfit complete(not sure how many times I've said "set out my joes please"). I'm working on paying down the plastic...so there's not a spot for a new pair in my budget. However there is a spot on the Christmas list! And its like what a month away!? =)

Can't speak for anyone else but I live in jeans (and dresses :)!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am a HUGE fan of designer jeans because they just make me want to strut my stuff -- haha!!!

EL said...

Haha Hooray for designer jeans right! Strut on! ;)