Thursday, February 4, 2010


Why didn't you tell me about something so lovely? All my blogs in one place, Google Reader you are amazing. I say this like I just discovered it yesterday because I did.

Somebody that lives near us is getting a pool in their backyard. How awesome! Not. Do you know what it sounds like to have a pool installed? Well they start around 7 or 8 in the morning. Who gets up that early?! Nobody, no one wakes up that early! Well I'm sure people with things like jobs and kids do but princess doesn't have her first class until noon which means being awake before 11 is unnecessary! But you can forget about sleep if theres a jackhammer going. The dog freaks out too so he has to come inside or else he will bark the whole time their doing construction. Seriously. I know its a free world and they could start their work a hour earlier if they really wanted to but ughhhhhhh. One of my friends parents had a pool installed and I asked her how long the horrible noise went on for and she said 2 months. I'm going to be a very sad girl if my mornings are going to be ruined like this for that long.

Tried Domino's "reinvented recipe" yet? Its yummy. Not my favorite favorite, but it tastes a lot better than their old cardboard recipe. Ok so the other night I had a hungry boyfriend, a bottle of hot sauce, cheese and some chicken, I just needed some direction. Maybe it was a blog? I don't know but somewhere I remember seeing/reading a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I was all on Google like white on rice trying to find a recipe with few ingredients that appeared easy. Settled with this one...BF loved it he said it was just spicy enough. With mouthfulls of pizza he kept saying "babe this is so good" and continued to make it all disappear. I thought it was okaaayyyyyyy. Until the next morning. I think it was the combination of eating so late and fighting the spicyness with Pepsi times infinity that lead me to wake up the next morning sprinting to the bathroom. You know there really is know nice word for um, vomit. Throw up, hurl, upchuck, none of those make the situation sound any better. Anyways. Totally recommend the recipe just eat it before 9 at night and maybe stop after the second soda.

It completely sucks that I got a parking ticket at school. I didn't buy a day pass and I don't have a permit. Ugh. So a 40$ ticket it is. But what sucks even more is I was going to buy a parking permit but now that I have a ticket, I need another 40$. Thats 80$ if your bad at math like me. Not lovely.

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