Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top Chefs

Rachael Ray, Ina Garten aka Barefoot Contessa, and Paula Deen of all people!
These are my BFs least favorites, three he absolutely wont watch.
Ugh I know right?! They aren't my favorite favorites but I watch them!
Not my man.

If he hears Paula's voice coming from the TV, he freaks. If he looks up and sees Ina going heavy on the salt, he'll give me a death stare til I change the channel. He also doesn't care for Alton Brand(Good Eats)or whatever his name is. I'm kind of with him on that one. He also just cant stand Racheal Ray's voice and he thinks her kitchen looks weird. (??!)

I know I know, he is the weird one! The only programs on the Network that I know he wont mind watching are The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Figures he would like Throwdown because it has a little bit of testtosterone and competitiveness to it. Food Network (and E!), the very first channel I turn to, theres usually always a show on that I like, however all the really good ones come on earlier in the day. (Sandra Lee & Downhome W/The Neelys!) Do you have a fave?

I think Food Network is to me what ESPN is to the man!


Tiffany said...

I dont watch the food network often....but I LOVE to watch Ultimate Cake Off and Cake Boss on TLC!!

Mykla said...

I used to not like Rachael Ray but I have started to watch her show gradually! I get where your BF doesn't like her voice. It is a little annoying! My favorite show on the Food Network is Ace of Cakes. It is such an art to me!

Yeah, Criminal Minds is new tonight I think. I am dvring it. It comes on at 8 where I am!

Jess said...

im not a big fan of any of them either except Paula Deen, love her!

Mykla said...

I was wrong! Criminal Minds was a repeat! I haven't seen it yet but I could tell it was older.

EL said...

Tiffany, I love those two on Tlc too! Buddy and his family are so hilarious, and the cakes on ultimate cake off are always beyond amazing creations!

Mykla, I read on a blog somewhere that a cake from Duff's place is like $1000! Dvr is the best and I love when Crim.Minds are repeats but I havent seen them!

Jess, speaking of Paula, on her show yesterday she was making chocolate chip pancakes, oh my gosh they looked so good!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

That's too funny. My boyfriend doesn't mind Paula, he gets my total LOVE for Rachel and he doesn't mind most of the food network celebrities. That being said he can't stand Guy F. and his Triple D. He HATES him but he will watch the show all the while commenting on how horrible Guy is. Frankly, I love him. He also can't stand Giada. His issue is when chefs talk in a normal voice and then all of a sudden say something extremely say Italian or Spanish. He hates the way Giada says Italian ingredients - her accent comes out... or her "homeland" accent comes out. The Mexican Made Easy girl does this too but you can tell by her accent that when she's off camera she probably speaks Spanish regularly.

I get this and it starts to bug me too after a while. Mario B. does it as well - then I thought maybe it's a classic trained chef thing as well. I noticed that Rachel Ray has started to do this and I want to smack her hands and say "NO RACHEL! NO!"

Other wise the only food network person that gets on my nerves is the Mission Kitchen guy - beef cake Brit, he drives me insane. And while I love watching her show and the food she makes I can't stand that blond woman that has the BIG HAIR. Do you know who I mean?

EL said...

so what about Guy does your bf hate, the bleached hair!? lol. Have you ever noticed Giada's accent comes out the most when she says "panchetta" multiple multiple times! how Rachel pulls off "yum o!" constantly I do not know! And im tryin to think of the blonde woman with the big hair but Im stumped!