Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

You know how when your rhyming one word a bunch of times...
Dog, hog, log, fog, and jog....
And made up words too like,
Happy, dappy, fappy, pappy, lappy, snappy, nappy!
Get the point right?
Well I remember playing this rhyming game with my nephew years ago.
And I remember nothing good coming from a certain rhyme in particular.
Well actually it was kinda funny. Alot.
My Mom has a cat named Lucky.
That particular day, neph & I were using the cats name for the rhyme game.
Ducky, tucky, rucky, sucky...
Hucky, mucky, wucky, pucky...
I knew the F was gonna come sooner or later.
Luckily he was very young and said the rhyme without even thinking and knowing it meant anything.

Lucky Fucky.

(Was trying to find the right picture to go with this post but I couldn't. However I found this one, thought it was hilarious & had to share!)

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